What We Offer

DESI CTC of Mobile has been assisting youth with educational training and placement services for over 20 years. We will continue to provide our Youth to Work Services training program to participants deemed eligible.

Services Provided by DESI Career Training Center

GED Preparation Training Program

All participants enrolled in our educational-training component choose to achieve a GED certificate or receive a secondary HS diploma. The GED preparation program is an online and instructor-led training that prepares participants to earn their GED credentials.

Secondary Accredited High School Diploma Program

The secondary HS diploma program is an online educational-training program that uses participants' former HS transcript to assign them the subjects needed to succeed. This allows many participants to pick up where they left off in high school instead of starting new with their GED. DESI CTC has been offering this program for several years with great success.

Employability-Skills Training

Our employability-skills training prepares the participant to enter the labor force. It may be offered individually or in a group setting.

Financial Literacy Education

All participants receive financial literacy from knowing to understand better how to make, spend and save money. Participants also gain the knowledge to use financial resources to make informed financial decisions.

Direct and/or Job Placement

DESI CTC provides various services based on the participant's career pathway. A participant without an educational credential and whose career pathway is employment will first receive employability-skills training and support services. Upon the participants successfully achieving their GED or secondary HS diploma, we will assist with job placement services, further support services, and follow-up. A significant barrier to positive outcomes has been participants missing class because of the financial burden it places on them. We will overcome this barrier by helping them find employment near their home that does not conflict with their training schedule.

Short-Term Occupational-Skills Training

DESI CTC assists participants in short-term occupational-skills training. We work with partners like the Victory Professional Development Center and Bishop State Community College to help participants in short-term programs. They provide credentials in occupational skills for CNAs, phlebotomists, and EKG technicians' short-term certifications through their local college. For example, Victory Professional Development Center provides a six-week CNA and phlebotomy program and a short-term EKG program to help participants become EKG technicians. Bishop State lists and offers short-term certification programs as they become available.

Work-Based Learning (WBL)

Work-based learning (WBL) allows the participant to receive wages while learning what is required in the workplace. We will establish WBL agreements with local employers to gain on-the-job training for participants. The WBL program is part of a total educational process that does the following: (1) helps participants choose a career path wisely; (2) prepares participants for full-time/part-time employment suitable for their abilities and interests; and (3) affords participants the opportunity to learn how to work with others in ways that are successful and rewarding. The program uses the integrated efforts of the Career Development Specialist, participants, and employers to achieve the following goals:

  • Link the world of work and promote participants’ school-to-career transitions
  • Help participants develop skills, habits, and attitudes conducive to job success and personal growth
  • Assist participants in selecting careers and preparing realistically and wisely for the world of work
  • Help the participants develop a positive work ethic and acquire or refine work-related skills and job performance in actual work settings

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